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Prophet Promotions serving the Mid-west, Kansas City and the underground music world

Prophet Promotions, giving the music Underground new life with upcoming DJ's. Giving back to our scene the appreciation felt from our first breathe of party LIFE. We understand that all you party kids want nothing more than to party til dawn, we want to keep it pumping. FAST, HARD and HEAVY.

Without all you crazy kids we have nothing. We are the future of this country we need to be heard. You as individuals need to let your voices be heard. Unsure of where to scream let us be your voice. We want YOU to do as you please, don't let the system quite you we NEED to shake all of it. Our booties included. We've planted a seed it takes time to grow, help us extend our roots. Together we stand, divided we lay down and take it in a very uncomfortalble place (unknow like the back seat of a volkswagon). We've been slow to grow but now here we go.

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

We're not here for the money, we're here to capture the attention of the crowd. DJing and throwing parties is are passion.


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