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This is the current line-up of DJ's that are with Prophet Promotions.....

DJ G_sko:(Also with Goodyear Crew)
Kansas City,Mo. {Jungle, Hard House}

DJ Clockwerk:(Also with English Entertainment)
Kansas City,Mo. {Disco House, Breaks}

Soda:(Also with Echobass)Las Vegas, Nevada and
Kansas City, Mo. {Dance Hall, Live P.A}

DJ Aztek:(Also with Epic Beat:KC Area)
Montana and Kansas City, Mo. {U.K. Hard House}

DJ Ray Pena:(Also with Goodyear Crew)
Kansas City, Mo. {Disco House}

Spy Vs. Spy: Lawrence, Ks. {Hard Acid Trance}

Trey: (Also with TRASH MONEY RECORDS AKA THE TRASH MONEY MILLIONAIRES)the Premeire Kansas City Scratchmaster, nuff said!

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